Multicultural art project for the municipality of Harderwijk, the Netherlands

Bench and three poufs with mosaics.

At the request of the municipality of Harderwijk, Anneke Kamerling of Artista along with Esther Koppe-Verburgt enthousiastically set to work with the decoration of one sofa and three poufs with colourful, weatherproof glass mosaic. They chose the theme 'multicultural society'. Besides Moorish forms and 'Turquoise' hues, the images picture typical Dutch elements, such as wooden shoes and tulips.

"Together one"
The bench and three poufs have been given the title "Together one". The title refers to the work of art in itself, the four elements form a whole, but also relates to the thought; that the residents of the multicultural neighborhood will jointly use this functional work of art.
Functional art is an asset to the area. The functional aspect in combination with appealing art, that is understandable to everyone, is appreciated by a wide audience.
The multicultural work of art "Together one", was placed in the public garden at the Herman Gorter Avenue on April 17, 2008.

Project management: Artista