Mosaic workshops

In this course you are going to work with glass mosaics.

You will represent your design on a plate or another chosen surface with glass tiles. Based on your own idea you glue the stones on the surface, after which you finish your work off  with grout.

Dates and prices 2020-2021

Because of corona, the courses are given 1 on 1 for the time being. Possibly with two people, if all agree.
The next lesson is agreed each time, instead of sticking to a fixed time. This allows us to respond more flexibly to the current situation.
The course price is € 30.00 per 1.5 hours, including plate, materials and use of the necessary tools.

It is also possible to create a mosaic image on a surface selected by yourself. For example, a table, a mirror or another subject. In that case the rate depends on the surface to be covered.