10/9 - 17/9 2020

Week Package Crete painting holiday € 565, - per person per week, excluding flight, meals and beverages.
Includes: 4-day workshop, 7 nights in a studio for single use with breakfast, transportation to/from painting locations and optional excursions.

Workshops 11/9, 12/9, 14/9 and 15/9 2020

The groups consist of up to 16 participants and the courses are exclusive materials. Experience has shown that most people prefer to work with their own materials. We will make sure that paint and brushes are present, in case you miss something, but please bring your own familiar materials with you.
At 09.00 we leave for the location where we will paint. That may be by the sea or inland. We work until around noon, after which we go on excursions or return to our accommodations.

Your stay in Crete, the complex Avra Studios - Taverna is located at the beach. The studios are built in typical Greek style and situated in a lush garden among palm trees. The owner and his family are very hospitable and friendly people and are always there for you. You stay in a studio based on bed and breakfast. In the morning you can enjoy a good quality breakfast buffet and in the evening the owner prepares you a meal with fresh local products.

Accompanying partners pay € 365,- p.p.p.w. (7 nights) excl. airfare, airport transfers, meals and refreshments. This includes: co stay in the studio including breakfast and optional excursions.

Extension ad. € 280, - p.p.p.w. (just bed/breakfast) is available on request.

Private package
You can also combine our workshops with a self-booked package. In that case you take care of your own transportation to our meeting point and pay € 200,- p.p. for the 4-day workshop.

Optional excursions
In the afternoon we offer optional excursions, for example to the beautiful old village Orino, where the 96-year-old Maria shows us her old loom. Or you can join us to the village Kalamafka, with above it a small chapel, hidden in a rock. This is accessed via a large number of steps, but well worth it! There is also a hike to a waterfall and a visit to the quaint village Kato Simmi, where all year water flows abundantly from the mountains. The trip to the H-gorge is also highly recommended! The excursions are included. Would you rather spend your time on the beach, you are free to do so.