Creative therapy and counseling

Especially for people with disabilities or mental health problems, it is important to be able to be themselves and to get the peace and support they need.

Artista has years of experience in helping people with disabilities or mental health problems. We offer creative therapy, day care and supporting and activating counseling for young and old. Creative therapy and counseling can take place both individually and in groups.

Creative therapy

Our group therapies take place in a relaxed atmosphere. By means of creative activities and collaboration, you work on increasing self-confidence and self-reliance, improving your social skills and on functioning better in groups.
Individual therapy is for example used by people, who have experienced a trauma or loss. By means of creative activities, guided imagery and visualization, you work on bereavement and trauma processing.
In addition, creative therapy, both individually and in groups is often used for reducing stress and stress sensitivity and behavioral and concentration problems.

Daytime activities, supporting and activating counseling

The guidance we provide is flexible and can take place both day and night. Your request for help is key. We aim wherever possible to offer you the counseling that fits you best. We don't look so much at what you can not, but rather what you can do. From there we determine together the guidance you need.

Since we offer therapy and counseling to size and the rates depend on the art of therapy or counseling, the number of hours and at what time the therapy or counseling takes place, we rather discuss this with you personally. If you opt for therapy, counseling or daytime activities at home, travel expenses ad. € 0.47 per km will be charged if the one-way distance is more than 20 km.

Artista has close collaboration with among others the municipality of Ermelo.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.