Commissioned art

Artista artists would be pleased to accept your order for a commissioned work of art. Whether it is concerned a functional unit, a special chair or a beautiful and practical table, a painting which fits your interior in colour and appearance, a portret of a loved one or pet, an image of an idol in the nursery, a Tuscan vista in your garden, an ornament or a captivating image, a logo or catchy advertisement, you name it, anything is possible.

In the creation of commissioned artworks Artista uses a very customer-oriented approach. Unlike the approach of many other artists and galleries, which is often based on the vision of the artists themselves, Artista bases her work on the wishes of the customer. You can define the subject, the desired colour, style, size and material to be used.

Want to know more? Call or email us and we will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities.


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