Rob Kamerling


20-11-1930 12-01-2014

The following bird paintings were made by my father, Rob Kamerling.

He was left handed and was forced to write and draw with his right hand as a kid. Despite that he therefore has always felt awkward, he has continued to do so throughout his life. When he had to paint a door, he used his left hand though... I've always admired the fact that he, although left handed, was able to write and paint with his right hand.

In his youth, they used to say; "There is no dry bread to earn in painting, learn a profession!" And so it happened. He studied medicine. A doctors' handwriting, he already had...

Until his retirement in 1990 he worked as a psychiatrist and neurologist and in his free time he was a hobby-ornithologist, and liked to paint with oils. After his retirement, he had more time to immerse himself in his hobbies and here is the result.

He mostly painted his favorite topic 'birds' in such a way that they appeared enlarged in the surrounding landscape. Most of these paintings are painted in oil on panels of 24x30 cm.

If you are interested in one of my father's paintings, please contact me at: +31(0)0341-554979 / +31(0)6-22501731 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A part of the proceeds from sales of his work go to 'BirdLife Netherlands'.

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