In school projects the artworks are designed and created by the students themselves, under the guidance of Artista artists, teachers and parents.
Because Artista is closely involved throughout the process and ensures the final completion, the artistic quality of the artworks is guaranteed.

The big advantage of school projects is the involvement of the pupils in the production of a work of art for their immediate surroundings. They can develop their own ideas into genuine self-made works of art.

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Art project for primary school Het Baken in Harderwijk, Holland
Art project for the Gabriël school in Putten, Holland
School project for College Groevenbeek in Ermelo, Holland
Art project for the Irene School in Ermelo, Holland
Art project for the Klokbeker school in Ermelo, Holland
Mosaic project for the Margriet School in Ermelo, Holland
School project for the RKPWA in Ermelo, Holland