Art project for the Irene School in Ermelo, Holland. Colourful wall with mosaics.

In January 2012, Artista, together with the students of group 8 of the Irene School in Ermelo, started an art project. The intention was to decorate a wall in the schoolyard with a picture in colourful, weather-resistant glass mosaic, as a farewell gift from the 8th grade group to the school.

Following extensive consultations, it was decided to depict "a party at the bandstand" (based on the bandstand on the meadow in Ermelo) and so it happened. The children worked together on the design and then pasted the mosaic on mats of fiberglass mesh. These mats were glued on the wall, and then grouted, after which the kids could start the cleaning. When it was finally finished, a special protective coating was applied. All in all the kids have been working on the project for more than half a year. It became one of the largest art sessions in Ermelo and the results are impressive! The picture is no less than 8.5 m2, depicting a jazz band in the bandstand, fireworks, DJ Armin and also the Muppets and Big Foot are present at the party.

On the 15th of June 2012, councillor Esther Verhagen unveiled the artwork.

Project management: Artista.

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